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I provide fun and stimulating activities and experiences for each child, which helps them to reach their full potential across all the areas of development. I plan activities tailored to each individual child's interests and needs. I allow plenty of free play where the children are able to decide and choose what they want to play with, as well as adult-led activities where I may encourage a child to participate in a certain activity to help develop the child's skills and knowledge and move them forward in their individual development.

My environment is a curious space filled with lots of open ended resources which are purpose-created toys, real life items ​​designed to encourage role play and learning about the world and beautiful pieces that children just want to touch. These allow children to be the pilots in their own play. I have been lucky to be able to gain an insight into The Curiosity Approach and feel confident to say I am a Curiosity Approach inspired setting.

It is a calm, welcoming, curious space which I truly believe not only benefits the children but myself.

Hygge is also an important practice that is encouraged, it focuses on finding well-being by enjoying the comforts in everyday routines and all that's around you. It's an art of creating feelings of cosiness, happiness, familiarity, simplicity, comfort and anything that brings that warm feeling of contentment you feel inside.

As well as promoting indoor activities I believe that it is paramount that children experience learning in the natural environment. We use our surrounding countryside and woodland daily as well as other outdoor local retreats.

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